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Writing for the Sake of Writing

As the world around me gets more and more averse to processes and obsessed with deliverables, I wonder what I can do to appreciate the journey as much as the destination.

I won't say that predisposition towards deliverables is 'wrong', it is these, after all, that bring cash inflows and make economic sense. It's the propagation of tangible results over anything else that makes life difficult for some of us, especially when the processes behind those results seem meaningless or perturbing to the mind.

Recently, I realised that I am someone who finds it more soothing to engage in processes than to focus on results, and doing the former regularly also helps me feel more grounded when I do have to perform an unavoidable result-oriented task, such as preparing for and writing an exam.

Having been fond of writing since I was a child, I had decided to reinvigorate my love for words many times over the years, mostly by proclaiming that I wanted to write a book. This time, I've decided to do it a little differently. With the realisation of how my own obsession with a written deliverable may be hindering with the development of my creativity, I've decided to experiment with writing for the sake of writing.

Not aiming for a goal doesn't sound like a plan, and that is exactly true. The lack of a strict plan is just what one may need occasionally for everything to fall into place.

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