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My Dearest Friend

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

My dearest friend, I haven't met you in ages, and naturally, it hasn't been great without you.

When I think of you now, I think of someone who was once tangibly near me, a person with physical attributes, with arms, and legs and a beautiful face, and it feels a little odd. It's odd because, I think, when I was with you back then, I did not always register these physical attributes when I saw you; I mostly registered happiness and love.

You were the embodiment of everything positive for me, and of course, you still remain the same. Yet, to first have to picturise your form and then derive feelings from it is quite incongruous with what my brain was used to before.

It's bittersweet to be so imaginative in such a situation of insurmountable distance, because when I close my eyes and think about you profoundly for some time every day, almost ritually, I can feel your touch and hear your voice very clearly.

Many of my older friendships have seen days of temporary or permanant spacial separation, some of them continuing to have been held together by understandably thin strands of technological connectivity. With you, however, things are different, because we both hold on to each other strongly, and because a life without you in it is not imaginable for me.

My dearest friend, this is definitely a strange and memorable time in our lives. Something tells me that we'll be laughing about it over chai soon, even though it may seem immensely sad in the present. The stranger things that we have borne through together in the past may seem distant now, but we did bear through them together.

While there are obviously no substitutes for real-life interactions between us, I hope we both find some solace in the things around us for the time that yet remains until our reunion.

Sending enormous amounts of positivity to you, just like you do to me on a daily basis.

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