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Appreciating the Beauty of Pausing to Reflect

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Inspiration: Amanda Krishna's Claire De Lune Ethereal Remix

Play along with the read for an interesting experience!

Sometimes, I feel like we don't believe in the concept of stopping anymore. The pace of the world around us is palpable, and we often wish to outpace it. Millions of us wake up everyday, thinking about how we can make our place in the world better than it is.

Constantly doing things to ensure a strong place in the world for yourself and those close to you is logical and exciting. However, when thinking about improving our lives, more often than not, we overlook something important.

I want you to think about the last time you truly felt the happiness or sadness of being engaged in something you do regularly, such as your profession. I am not talking about liking or disliking it in general. I am talking about the feeling you get when you spend your whole day working on something, and then finally lie in bed. Perhaps your muscles are sore from working all day, but you can feel them relaxing as you allow your mind to slow down. Probably for the first time during the day, or maybe even in a long time, you're finally able to register all the feelings, waiting to be felt, about your work, your life, and the direction you're headed in.

The structure of musical compositions often reflects this. Notes intricately start coming together, softly at first, like a gentle tap on the shoulder of your soul. They slowly gain pace and intensity. As the composition proceeds further, your soul shifts more and more vigorously, you get more and more lost in the music, until that one dreamy climax ultimately arrives, and there it is. A pause.

At this pause, time virtually stops. It stops for us to register the beauty of what we just listened to, and pay due heed to all the feelings that were engendered in us during the process.

As I see it, I feel like we are constantly moving away from a culture where taking a moment to address your thoughts and feelings is healthy, towards a culture where practicality necessarily trumps emotions, where drowning yourself with material things to do is always better than brooding and reflecting. I am not sure if this is how it should be, but I know that such a culture is not conducive to those who feel the need to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of the universe.

While I may derive my opinions from gritty thinkers', for instance, Socrates' thoughts on how an unexamined life is not worth living, my take on things is usually much milder. I do not think that not examining one's life is equivalent to wasting it, but I do believe in the merits of reflection. Pauses give us the opportunity to stop and perceive, which is why we need to appreciate them a little more and deprecate them a little less; it is, after all, in the nothingness of these pauses that we truly feel everything.

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